Best puddin eva!!!

I love this combo so much! Because, duh, who doesnt love PB & J?? Lol

They are healthy and taste fabulous. I love them for snack options and even as breakfast all together! Must try!!

Courtney Colato


I wasn't sure what to expect since I've never had anything like this before, but I'm so glad I tried it! It's delicious and filling. I also love that it fits my Keto diet! Definitely recommend Hello Puddin'!


YAS Keto!!!

I have such a sweet tooth I was really afraid to jump into a Keto diet but who knew there were fun treats like these that make it fun!! I have been using my puddin as a treat every night in place of desert. It's so tasty and I know I am doing something great for my body. I've started saying, one puddin a day keeps the doctor away ;)


Yum. Just YUM.

The fruit is like exceptionally tasty here. I was not expecting that and bought this one for fun but I think it's one of my favorites now.

Teresa M.

Like Pie!

The Peach Cobbler tastes like a healthy pie. I make my pies with nut crusts, so the texture was totally the same to me and I love it. Also the dried fruit pumps up like crazy when you add your liquid. It's surprisingly just like real peach slices. Big fan.

Susan G.

Before Hello Puddin I either made too many bad choices or deprived myself entirely. Not cool! These are lifesavers. Keto PB and Strawberry is quite literally my jam. Once you try Puddin - you'll be hooked FO LIFE

Christina B

I absolutely LOVE chia puddin! All the flavors are so yummy and even my kids enjoy eating them. My favorite time to eat them is 30 mins before a workout, I swear they give me an extra boost to push myself a little bit harder while I'm sweating it out ;) thanks chia puddin for an awesome healthy product!

Courtney M

These are such a great idea and super convenient. I love that I can just grab and go. My favorite one is the chocolate, it's sooooo yummy

Jessica E

Wow! Awesome puddin'! I've tried every single pudding and love them all. My favs these days are the Peach Cobbler for breakfast with the real chunks of peaches and chia goodness AND the Peanut Butter and Chocolate for an evening dessert! A big PLUS is I can use whatever milk I want to in the pudding - this is really important to me. Great packaging! I can prepare and eat straight out of the container. How great is that? No mess and no cleaning. I'll be taking these on my next vacation for sure! Thank you Hello Puddin' for making REAL FOOD!

Janice L