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Feed Me Sampler

Feed Me Sampler


You want to try all of the the Puddins and decide which is your favorite? No problem. You can have all of the Puddins at once with this ultimate, adaptogenic, sampler pack!


Lion’s Mane Key Benefits:

Supports cognitive health*

Supports healthy nervous system*

Known adaptogen*

Chaga Key Benefits:

Supports a healthy immune system*


High levels of antioxidants*

Known strong adaptogen*

Maitake Key Benefits:

Balances blood sugar and insulin*

Supports and controls weight control*

Known adaptogen*

Turkey Tail Key Benefits:

 Treats and prevents viruses*

Powerful polysaccharides (immunity activators) called PSP and PSK (or Kreskin)*

Known Adaptogen*

Reishi Key Benefits:

Helps with depression and insomnia*

Supports immune system*

Known adaptogen*

Cordyceps Key Benefits:

Supports heart and lung health*

Increases oxygen efficiency leading to energy and stamina*

Known adaptogen*


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Hello Puddin recommends topping with: everything!

"Eat with Intent" Puddin PPL.

(All ingredients dry. Follow instructions on container to prepare. Abide by the expiration of the milk used after mixing. Please use within 3 months after receiving)

***Contains Tree Nuts (coconut) and Peanuts

8 Puddins in a pack.

Each Puddin: 35g-51g dry. Up to 12oz wet (once you add milk and allow to set)