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Hello Puddin’ is a delicious organic, nutrient-dense, whole food chia pudding that is easy to make and take. I launched Hello Puddin' Chia Company in 2018 after some health challenges moved me to create the kind of product I couldn’t find on store shelves – zero added sugar, keto-friendly, gluten-free, and convenient. Each flavor also contains functional mushrooms - chaga, turkey tail, reishi or lion’s mane.

We are passionate about real, whole-food-as-medicine, with no artificial ingredients or fillers. We intentionally and ethically source all of Hello Puddin’s ingredients and QA test each run off the co-packer line ourselves. Chia is an environmentally sustainable crop requiring few inputs and little water. I’d love to see chia’s popularity increase so that we can grow more chia domestically and integrate this plant into the regenerative agriculture movement. 

This year, Hello Puddin’ has transitioned from selling through local farmers’ markets to Amazon fulfillment and retail grocers. We’re now on premium shelf space in the highly competitive breakfast aisles of 200+ Northern California grocery stores and growing fast.

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