Blog post numero uno for this chick! I’m not a writer, BUT I have loads to say. Follow along the best you can. I’ve recently learned from a dear friend, that life’s not about being perfect <3


Born to hustle:


I’m a hustler, entrepreneur, stubborn girl that originally hails from Kansas (rock chalk!) but currently resides in the great city of Galt, CA. Ever since I was a young tike, I found myself in positions of finding ways to make money. Exhibit A. I would save money to buy soda from the grocery store and resell it with an amazing profit margin, to my step-bros when the supply would go dry in the house. Crafty little 12-year-old! It’s in my soul clearly.


Can’t stop won’t stop:


I refuse to let things get in the way of my dreams. I later found myself in a position where my health was a real concern. From about the young age of 20 I started to notice my menstrual periods were becoming less and less. I knew in the bottom of my stomach that I had a real issue. I visited countless doctors, and all of them said they could do nothing for me within insurance bounds, for this was an issue for the infertility clinic (side note ya’ll: that department is out of pocket!) Ok, not cool. I was 20 years old and had ZERO intention on getting pregnant. I just wanted to know why my body was basically malfunctioning. (Stay tuned for more griping about female medicine in the health care industry).


I was obviously a little down. We look to doctors as authority. They are there to help. If you are sick, they heal you right? I’m as grateful as anyone to doctors. They give up their lives to heal and serve the community. Heck, my life was saved as a young child by doctors. Modern medicine is fabulous. I think the problem lies in the health care industry. Doctors sometimes are not allowed to think out of the box, because of restrictions put on them by the insurance companies, and lack of incentive to do so. So, there’s my two cents.


I was young and easily defeated at the time. I sat on this issue for a number of years until I met my now husband. Now I did want to make sure I could get pregnant. Now ladies, feeling like you cannot bare children, or even having that concern at a young age of 26 sucks! I have a soft spot for every woman experiencing this. There’s few things as isolating as infertility. I encourage all those suffering to speak up and tell the world. You could in a real way change a life by sharing your story. It IS an epidemic.


I set out to find a solution. Google and carpal tunnel here I come! I had nothing but symptoms and one hormone test to go off of. I went and bought Vitex, royal jelly with bee pollen, AND a tincture with a variety of amino acids and herbs (don’t worry blog post to follow with deets). At this time, I was not married, but the thought of marrying my “meant to be a dad” love of my life w/o giving him children panged me. (Fertility is not the end all be all to what you have to offer! My sweet, innocent, young mind felt like this though).

Phase 2…holy Moses I’m a mom:


I was pregnant 4 weeks after starting my regimen! Ok, all honesty, did NOT expect that to work. So now I was a catholic mother’s dream child, pregnant out of wedlock! HA! Thankfully I have a very progressive mama that knew my struggles, so she was over the moon. Now I was wrapping my head around that something very inexpensive, natural, from mother earth actually “healed” my barren baby maker and this brain of mine figured it out with no help from the medical health profession? Mind blown. Fast forward only 8 months later I’m pregnant the exact same way with my second kid. (Clearly waiting and patience are no virtue of mine!) Now, this time I came around to having my second little boy, the universe threw me another curve ball, colic. Oh, you know colic mamas, it’s that demon that slips into your 4-week-old baby that transforms them from being cute a cooing angel baby, to all out Satan's rage, “Rosemary’s Baby” scenario. Good lord. I swear I was searching for a priest to do an exorcism.


Oh, hi Google, it’s me again Dani:


Oh, hey friend. Back to the Google grind, now as a mama. Don’t let me down! I cut out all allergens (gluten, dairy, soy, nuts, eggs). Bam! My sweet lil Hank was no longer writhing in pain! Researcher extraordinaire FTW! Now, mama is happy. But wait, now mama has her cycle back, AND is looking quite svelte. Hmmm, not mad about it. This is how it stayed for about a year while I breast fed. THEN I started to introduce the foods back in once I had Hank off the boob, FREEDOM. Gluten officially was my nemesis. It felt like I ingested poison. I was doubling up over stomach pains. Ok gluten, you’re dead to me. And bye bye periods yet again.


Light bulb:


Ok now I am on to something here. I’m clearly gluten intolerant, or am considering that no one should have gluten, like ever. And the food in my body were affecting my health. Maybe I built up tolerances over the years, but I was never supposed to ingest these things? Food for thought (maybe pun intended). Now I went back to the doctors to try yet again for some answers b/c I had zero periods yet again. I found the help I needed in a mental health doctor (more in following blog posts depression and hormone imbalances). She was also a trained OBGYN.


Side note shouldn’t all OBGYNs focus on female issues and the correlation with mental health? Makes sense to me!


I FINALLY got someone to run blood tests on me. And diagnose me. I now had a name PCOS. Now I really had something to wrap my head around. I got a handful of recommended pills to take and was sent on my way. As I was sitting in the pharmacy waiting on my prescription, I knew I was not meant to be there. I knew I could figure this out. Cue google montage.


Ok! Back to Vitamin Shoppe I go! I got off of birth control, (best thing I ever did. You know that depression I sought help for? Gone in 2 weeks). I got on some all-natural supplements (stay tuned for blog post), and cut out dairy, gluten, soy, and refined sugar. Introduced healthy fats, ate what I like to call “Keto-ish”, and focused on not exhausting my adrenals. Wouldn’t you know, aunt-flo is back. My mind felt “right.” AND I felt so amazing inside and out. I went back for a checkup and ALL TESTS came back normal! Bam! In yo face hormones! I freaking did it. I figured out my body better than any doctor ever could. Other than my two boys, It’s my biggest accomplishment.


Feed me and tell me I’m pretty:


Cooking every day was so fun at first. I felt like a domestic goddess. Well then, in about 3 months it started to wear on me. I went out looking for a quick and convenient meal. NOPE, not out there. If I found a gluten free treat, it would have soy in it. Or if it didn’t have soy or gluten, it had refined sugar. OR it definitely had like 35 freaking carbs, and I was now officially a fat burner, so there’s no way my body would take kindly to that.


I saw a problem with the food industry. There was NOTHING I could eat. Cooking every meal is ideal, but not realistic for a busy mom like myself. Make way world for my third baby, meet The Hello Puddin Chia Company. It’s my rebel yell to the food industry. I really believe self-love, and self-care starts at the table. Food can be a medicine as well as a poison. I wanted to create a haven for those seeking, real food, ethically sourced food, that can do amazing things for your body.


I am an empath at heart. And feel like I can give everyone a virtual hug with every Puddin I sell to them, (quite often I give real hugs at the farmer’s market where I sell if you want one!) I love feeding people, educating on my product, and telling the lessons I’ve learned along the way to wellness.


Stay Tuned Puddin PPL. There’s more blogs to come! Anything you want me to blog about or want to know? Email me your suggestions at

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