Our Shrooms

Our Shrooms


Great Gram Puddin always said, "Never judge a book by it's cover." And certainly never underestimate the underdog. Gone are the days where mushrooms play a supporting role to pizza or get overlooked in the vegetable aisle at the market. It's with great pleasure that I introduce you to the most fun-guy (or gal) at the party. The ADAPTOGENIC MUSHROOM! While you may not know them, they're more old school than Will Ferrell streaking. Chinese medicine has been chillin' with these powerful puppies for years. And now you can, too.

  • Turkey tail Mushroom: Introducing...Turkey Tail Mushroom! Not only is she one of the prettiest mushrooms in the land, she also kicks some major immune invader behind. Yes, you heard me. Beauty and braun. Unwanted germs take one look at this mushroom, and high "tail" it outta there. All while encouraging good gut health and providing antioxidants. No "turkey-ing" around.
  • Reishi: Say hello to the chillest mushroom of them all, Reishi. This adaptogen brings new meaning to the phrase "Netflix and chill" He makes all the worries of the day wash away while giving your gut a lil' prebiotic hug. And just like a supportive friend should be, he helps your immune stay strong. Reishi is even known to help ease anxiety and depression. He has so "mush-room" in his heart for you
  • Lion's Mane: And now for the king of the jungle, Lion's Mane. There's no forgetting him. Trust me. He helps cognitive function, like memory and focus, and even improves overall brain health. He truly protects you from head to toe. Reducing risk of heart disease, repairing your central nervous system and providing relief from mild depression and anxiety. I ain't "lion"
  • Chaga: And last but not least, Chaga! This super antioxidant is much more than a superhero. She's the whole squad. She not only lowers cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar. She raises the roof on all things immune and fights inflammation, too. She's pretty fly for a fungi. All this while slowing the aging process. Her mushroom brings all the boys to the yard. Comprende?

I get by with a little help from me friends, and you will too! Trust me, give them a chance. It won't take long before they grow on you. H. Puddin.

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